Arizona Zoning Analysis

Property Zoning Analysis and Development

Before purchasing developed or undeveloped property, investors and lenders want to be certain that their investments are sound and based upon verifiable documentation. One critical element of that due diligence process is to determine the scope and validity of zoning and development entitlements and any conditions imposed upon the site by such approval.

At Earl & Curley our attorneys assist buyers, sellers, investors and lenders by conducting this zoning analysis and verification process for properties throughout the state. Our firm has concentrated its practice in real estate and land use law for over 20 years. We have gained familiarity with each municipality’s zoning ordinances and established trust relationships with planning departments and elected officials.

Protecting Real Estate Investments

The zoning classification of a property is one of the most significant factors in determining the property’s worth and development suitability. Our attorneys will analyze a given parcel to confirm any existing zoning approvals and the viability of increasing these entitlements. They will also uncover the history of the property and its zoning classifications. If obtaining higher zoning entitlements is a possibility, they communicate that information to the client and work out a strategy to achieve the client’s objectives.

As part of an owner or developer’s due diligence, the firm is often retained to examine the conditions that affect zoning and property value. They will search all land use approvals and permits, approved site plans, subdivision plats and conditional use permits for the property. In addition, the attorneys will find out the status of design review. Another crucial part of the process is to ascertain whether or not there are any zoning violations.

The attorneys will provide the client with their written analysis of the property’s existing entitlements and the potential opportunities to increase those entitlements, as well as any challenges present to achieve the development objective.

The lawyers at Earl & Curley represent real estate developers, as well as buyers, sellers, lenders and investors from across the United States. To make an appointment, please call us in Phoenix at 602-903-3077 or contact us online.