Use Permits

Even if the existing zoning allows the desired use, the property owner or developer may still need to apply for a use permit or variance to implement the proposed use. These processes can be complex, but are appropriately handled by an experienced zoning and land use law firm.

The attorneys at Earl & Curley have worked on hundreds of zoning cases and other entitlement cases throughout Arizona, and they know city officials and local zoning ordinances. Their experience and knowledge, as well as the firm’s reputation as a leading land use law firm in the Phoenix Valley, give them that professional, experienced edge for securing approval of any necessary use permit and variance applications

Solving Land Use and Zoning Problems

Real estate developers and owners often encounter zoning code problems when trying to develop properties for particular uses. Rezoning is only one option; however, zoning code amendments, as well as special or conditional use permits and variances, also provide other options for allowing a proposed use.

When a variance is needed to modify ordinance standards for setbacks, lot coverage, parking, building heights or similar standards, the owner must satisfy legal tests, including the showing of a property hardship that is not self-imposed. These legal tests often cause property owners difficulty. Because of the firm’s extensive experience with successfully processing hundreds of variance cases, our attorneys are able to quickly and effectively prepare variance applications, including demonstrating that all variance tests are met, and present them to zoning administrators and boards of adjustment.

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