Assistance for Rezoning Property in Arizona

When an out-of-state property owner or developer needs to rezone a property in Arizona, it is helpful to work with a local zoning and land use planning law firm to manage the case through the politically-charged zoning entitlement process. This reduces the time and expense associated with rezoning, and eliminates the confusion that frequently occurs with unfamiliar zoning ordinances and the particular process involved.

Earl & Curley has been representing business and development clients in Arizona zoning, land use and development since 1991. Our attorneys have decades of experience in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area and a broad spectrum of Arizona cities and counties. They know the local zoning codes and the local officials, and can streamline the rezoning process.

Representation in Rezoning Cases

Rezoning a parcel of land is frequently necessary to implement the desired use. In most instances, the new zoning entitlements will not only enable the proposed use but will also increase the value of the property. For example, a parcel located at the intersection of two arterial streets may be zoned single family residential, but would be much better suited for retail commercial zoning or high rise office. We help our developer clients achieve these rezoning approvals.

Our attorneys can evaluate zoning entitlement plans. If obtaining a higher entitlement is necessary and feasible, they will meet with the city’s professional planning staff to secure their support, then review the request with appropriate members of the city council. Once they have secured fundamental support for the concept, they work with the project team to assemble the application and support documentation. They contact interested residents, present the case to neighborhood planning committees, and talk directly to the neighbors affected by the rezoning request. Then, they present the rezoning request at the city planning commission and city council public hearings for final approval.

In addition to rezoning, the property owner or developer may need to apply for a use permit or variance to construct the type of building desired. The firm can also process these requests.

The lawyers at Earl & Curley are familiar with zoning ordinances for cities throughout Arizona. They also know city planning staffs, as well as city council members and other officials. This familiarity means that our attorneys can be effective advocates for your project or can help you solve project challenges. Because our firm maintains strong relationships with city staff, we are able to shepherd rezoning requests through the zoning and development processes in a timely manner. To make an appointment, please call our Arizona rezoning attorneys at (602) 265-0094 or contact us online.