Arizona Subdivision Lawyers

Subdivision Regulations and Ordinances

Developed and undeveloped property are often split into parcels or lots for varying uses. Property owners and developers may request different zoning classifications for the separate parcels, including residential, commercial, industrial and retail. Processing preliminary and final subdivision plats is challenging and complex; an experienced land use and zoning law firm can make the process smoother by working out inevitable complications and negotiating solutions with city and county staffs.

Earl & Curley assists property owners, developers, lenders and capital groups with subdivision plats. Our firm takes subdivision projects from the beginning through completion. Our attorneys and planners use their knowledge of each city’s zoning and subdivision ordinances, as well as their relationships with city staff and officials, to move projects forward.

Subdivision Development

A separate set of regulations and ordinances govern subdivision plats, involving engineering, drainage, traffic impact, infrastructure and other aspects of the site. We know how to work with the consultant team and manage this complex process to obtain approval of the plat.

Subdivision plats must be approved by the city. The firm can assist in the preparation, submission and presentation of the plat at public hearings. In addition to the zoning and engineering requirements, our lawyers will also coordinate the plat submittal and all supporting documentation, including reviewing required street rights of way, setbacks, utilities and easements, structures, and other zoning and building code compliance issues.

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