Arizona Land Development Attorneys

Assistance in Working With the Arizona State Land Department

The state of Arizona owns vast sections of land that may be leased or purchased by the private sector to benefit the state’s education system. The Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) controls this process. It plans the property in cooperation with cities and towns for appropriate use. When the property is ripe for development, the ASLD schedules an auction to take bids. Time is allotted for all interested parties to conduct their own due diligence on existing and/or reasonably achievable zoning entitlements. We assist our clients in this zoning evaluation and in preparing for the public auction. Proceeds from state trust land sales and leases are then devoted to public education.

Purchasing or leasing state land is a complex process. Earl & Curley, helps developers work through that process in an efficient and effective manner.

Working With the ASLD

The ASLD staff looks forward as the path of development nears state trust land. They then work cooperatively with private development interests to plan state trust lands. Being involved in this up-front planning process can provide developers with a strategic advantage when the auction takes place. We work with the ASLD on the developer’s behalf, beginning with preparing the application, meeting with the ASLD real estate division staff, and filing the application to plan or acquire state land. When it is appropriate to rezone property before the auction, we can also assist clients with that process.

Another service we often perform is land use evaluation of a property, so the developers know what will be required to develop the land following the auction. This knowledge allows developers to make informed bids at the auction.

The Arizona land development lawyers at Earl & Curley frequently work with the ASLD. We know the staff and the commissioner, and are able to move the purchase and lease process forward smoothly. Please call our Phoenix office at 602-903-3077 or contact usonline.