Signage & Wireless Communication Facility Entitlements

Billboard Advertising and Wireless Towers

Obtaining signage entitlements is a crucial step for any commercial, retail, industrial or shopping development. Similarly, mobile phone and wireless Internet communication facility entitlements are critical not only for wireless communication companies, but also for some property development.

Earl & Curley assists clients in obtaining signage and wireless tower entitlements in Arizona. The special regulations that govern signage and wireless towers require considerable expertise. Our experienced lawyers understand the needs of commercial developers and wireless communication companies. We take care of their signage and wireless entitlement needs so they can focus on other business matters.

Signage and Billboard Entitlements

In Arizona, most cities handle signage entitlements separately from other land use and other zoning entitlements. There is a separate set of regulations that control the location size and type of both on and off-premises signage. Our attorneys assist sign companies in the creation of comprehensive sign plans that include traffic directional signs, freestanding signs, monument signs, wall signs, window signs, and on-site and off-site signage.

Billboards also require signage entitlements. Most often, a use permit must be obtained for a billboard. Digital billboards require separate approval. Digital displays are a higher level of signage not yet allowed in all places. If the city’s zoning allows digital billboards, their size, height and location are closely regulated. The firm has considerable experience in this area, and will work with zoning hearing officers, boards of adjustment and the city council to obtain the necessary permits and entitlements for this critical signage.

Wireless Communication Facility Entitlements

Earl & Curley works with wireless communication companies to locate cell towers and facilities for their use. Depending on the zoning code, the cell tower often may need to be a stealth design, which is disguised as something attractive that blends in with the surrounding environment. Considerable neighborhood outreach is frequently required for the location of wireless facilities, and our firm manages that process to obtain community and city support for wireless locations.

Each city has its own set of zoning ordinances that regulate wireless facilities. In general, we help clients obtain all necessary approvals. Our familiarity with city staff and officials helps streamline this process.

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