Expert Testimony for Land Use Matters

Eminent Domain, Condemnation and Land Disputes

When the government condemns property for public use through eminent domain, a property owner is always concerned about receiving compensation for the actual value of the property taken, as well as severance damages to the part not taken. The government’s interest is to pay the minimum value for the land it needs. To protect the rights of the property owner, legal and planning professionals in the land use field can assist in establishing both the existing and reasonably achievable levels of zoning entitlement to more accurately determine the true value of the property.

Earl & Curley’s legal and planning professionals have the necessary expertise to serve as expert witnesses to provide expert testimony and analysis for condemnation cases, as well as land valuation for contractual matters. We are continually ranked as one of the top land use law firms in the Phoenix Valley. Our legal and planning professionals are able to determine the fair market value of property and identify potential for higher zoning entitlements.

Typical condemning agencies include cities and counties, railroads and light rails, airports, the department of transportation, utilities and water departments, and schools. Our team of professionals will perform a zoning analysis of the property to ascertain not only its approved existing zoning, but the reasonably achievable zoning for which the property is suited. We then serve as an expert witness on zoning for the property owner.

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