Site Development

Site Plan and Architectural Review

The site plan review for major projects encompasses numerous elements and can take months of preparation. This complex process requires expertise in zoning ordinances, the municipal permitting process, engineering, construction, public works, architecture and additional fields. It also requires proper communication and trust relationships with city planning and development staff.

At Earl & Curley our attorneys and planners have the expertise to assist clients and their professional consultant team of architects and engineers with the site plan and design review process. We also maintain strong trust relationships with city staff and other officials, so we are able to resolve issues in a timely manner. The firm represents property owners and developers in all aspects of the development review process, including site plan review, design review and permitting.

The Development Review Process

The development review process begins with the site plan. A site plan details how a development project will fit on a given parcel. This includes all proposed uses, as well as:

  • Building and structure height and setbacks
  • Landscaping, plant materials and open space design
  • Street access and internal circulation
  • Water and sewer utility design
  • Drainage
  • Signage
  • Circulation through the site
  • Driveways and parking
  • Access for emergency services (police, fire, ambulance)

Part of the site plan approval process is obtaining design review approval. This includes the architectural design of buildings, walls, structures and open space, color and materials, as well as how all project elements fit the site and area context.

Plan review also requires the filing and approval of engineering and architectural plans.

Frequently, development projects must first obtain zoning or other land use approvals before they can proceed with site plan and design review. Our firm assists clients with all aspects of the rezoning, design and site plan processes through the finished product.

Once a project is approved for construction plan review, we can assist with the application for building permits. When construction begins, the project will go through inspections, which frequently generate challenges that the firm can help the owner resolve.

Earl & Curley can manage any and all parts of the development review process. Our lawyers understand Arizona’s city planning guidelines, and we know the staff and inspectors. This allows us to make the process proceed quickly and smoothly. To make an appointment, please call our Phoenix office at 602-903-3077 or contact us¬†online.