Government Relations

Commercial and Residential Zoning and Land Development

Earl & Curley provides assistance to property developers, investors and owners from Arizona and out of state. Our land use and zoning lawyers and planners have extensive knowledge of Arizona city, county and state land use regulations. Our experience can simplify many development processes, including:

  • The rezoning process — We manage the entire process for rezoning property to a different zoning classification, as well as apply for higher zoning entitlements and modify zoning stipulations and development standards as needed for the implementation of proposed projects.
  • Use permits and variances — We prepare applications for conditional use permits, special use permits, non-conforming use permits and variances. We can represent clients at planning/zoning meetings and hearings.
  • Development agreements with cities and counties — We negotiate all types of development agreements between municipalities and developers.
  • Zoning analysis and verification — Our staff performs zoning analyses for developers, investors and lenders to ensure a property’s approved zoning and development entitlements and conditions.
  • Expert testimony for land use matters — Our attorneys frequently provide expert testimony at trials involving land use for condemnation and contractual matters.
  • Signage and wireless communication facility entitlements — Separate regulations govern signage, billboards and wireless towers, and the we help clients seeking zoning entitlements for these unique uses.
  • Subdivision plats — We work with the project engineers to obtain approval for preliminary and final subdivision plats and to prepare the supporting materials. We can present the plat at public hearings with planning and zoning boards, as well as city councils or county boards of supervisors.
  • Development review process — This includes site plan review, design review, construction plan review and application for permits. The firm works with the project’s development team to prepare and process the project site plan and supporting documents. We represent the client at planning and zoning meetings and city council hearings.
  • State land development process — We work with the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) to help clients evaluate existing and proposed land use entitlements for state trust lands that are being proposed for sale or lease at public auction. We also assist clients in working with the state land department in the planning of state land trust lands, along with obtaining easements and rights of way.
  • Lobbying and governmental relations — At the municipal level, we obtain approval for our clients’ projects from both staff and the city council for any necessary development and infrastructure requirements.

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