The purpose of this request is to rezone a vacant, underutilized +/- 2-acre site at the northeast corner of Pecos Road and Pleasant Drive from AG‑1 (Agricultural) to PAD (Planned Area Development) to allow for the development of 24 luxury townhome style residential units in a community to be known as Pleasant Gardens.

The property consists of one (1) parcel (APN: 303-21-001D).  The site is currently vacant and undeveloped and well-suited for a rezone that enables appropriate development as a transition between the arterial and apartments to the south and the single‑family homes to the north and east.  The proposal would be consistent with the site’s General Plan land use designation of “Neighborhoods,” which “allows a range of residential densities.”  At 12 du/ac, this proposal would assist in providing the City with housing diversity and variety. Chandler has a great deal of single‑family neighborhood in the 2-5 du/ac range and apartments in the 18-30 du/ac range. This community would provide a housing type that is currently under-provided for in the Chandler residential market.

Under the proposed PAD, Pleasant Gardens will be an innovative and well-designed residential community that incorporates open space and recreational areas to provide an exceptional quality of life for all the future residents.  Large landscape tracts along the street frontages, as well as building forward design, with front doors and patios facing the street will create an interactive streetscape.  Centralized amenities will include a 40’ lap and recreation pool with separate jacuzzi. A large ramada and BBQ will provide seating and shade and opportunities for outdoor gatherings.  Adjacent to the ramada will be a restroom facility, shower, and storage closet for pool games that tenants will have access to. Other outdoor games will also be provided and will include large Jenga, tic tac toe, and cornhole.  Additionally, in the centralized guest parking an EV car charging station will be provided.  Lastly, large landscape buffers will be located along the north and east property lines to provide a buffer to the existing single-family homes.

We believe the subject request for a new multifamily townhome residential project is consistent with the surrounding land use and zoning and provides a quality land use solution for this vacant infill site.  Vacant infill parcels, especially in residential areas, can destabilize and degrade the adjacent area. The type of quality design we are proposing on this vacant parcel will enhance the surrounding developments and buffer the existing residential development from the noise from Pecos Road.  Additionally, the proposal provides much needed housing for the expanding employment growth areas throughout the City, especially the new expanded Banner campus just across Pecos Road.

 The proposed residential community meets the City’s standards of quality and diversity, while meeting the General Plan goals.  We believe Pleasant Gardens will be a quality addition to the existing residential neighborhood by providing an exceptionally designed house product within an enclave community that will provide a transition between the single-family developments to the north and east and the roadway and apartments to the south.

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