Michelle Santoro
Senior Planner

With over 20 years of experience spanning all phases of development, Michelle brings a diverse skill set to our clients’ development teams.  She has experience in the areas of entitlements, architecture, design, permitting, and construction. She also has an MBA that gives her the tools to fully understand the business side of our client’s deals. Having touched on every aspect of development, she possesses a unique ability to understand clients’ needs and effectively consult with and represent them throughout the development process.


Michelle holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Planning from Ball State University and an MBA from Arizona State University.   Michelle began her career in urban design in San Francisco, then moved into the public sector as a site plan reviewer when she moved to Phoenix over 20 years ago.  She then joined the private sector and worked in the fields of design and entitlements for 10 years. Most recently, in 2011 she joined her parent’s local construction company, in the area of business operations and development, and successfully grew the company from a $2 Million business to a $10 Million business, allowing her parents to sell the company and retire. 


Michelle has extensive experience in property due diligence, rezoning, general plan amendments, stipulation modifications, variances, use permits, site plan approvals, construction permits, signage, and other land use matters.


Michelle and her husband have two lovely and active girls.  As a family they are active in animal rescue and often are fostering a number of kittens.  Michelle enjoys hiking, reading, and yoga.