The owner of the approximately 1-acre site located at the southwest corner of Bell Road and 17th Street is seeking a rezone (rezoning case number Z-65-21) to change the site’s zoning from R-O (Residential Office) to C-1 (Commercial). 

 As you know, this building was built several years ago and has sat vacant since that time. It has been a target of vandalism and has become an eye sore for the neighborhood. Our client has not been the historical owner of the property, but he has now purchased the building and transform it into a neighborhood karate studio. This proposal will finally put the building to good use, will bring landscaping to the site, and will provide the community with a safe and wholesome destination for children and youth that is within walking and bike-riding distance. 

 The C-1 zoning will be consistent with the other commercial zoning along Bell Road. This site has C-2 to the west, C-O (Commercial Office) to the east, and C-1 and C-2 to the north.


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