Stephen C. Earl
Stephen C. EarlFounding Member
Phoenix, Arizona
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In loving memory of Stephen C. Earl

October 8, 1948 – September 16, 2020

Stephen C. Earl was the founding managing partner of Earl & Curley and led the firm to become a leader in the industry. Stephen was broadly recognized as a true legend in the zoning community. He operated with first-rate professionalism and was known for his thorough preparation for every case and his engaging presentation style. He was a creative and effective advocate for his clients, while always showing the utmost respect for decisionmakers, municipal staff, and members of the community.  A consistent theme in the messages received after his passing was Stephen’s integrity. Decisionmakers and municipal staff all came to know that if Stephen said something, it was true, and they could rely on it.

On September 16, 2020 Stephen passed unexpectedly from a routine kidney dialysis treatment. Stephen is survived by his wife, JaNae, his five children and 19 grandchildren, whom he dearly loved.

Stephen’s positive impact on the development community cannot be overstated. As a firm, we miss Stephen greatly, but we find comfort in knowing that as we continue to represent our clients with the same type of professionalism and integrity that was Stephen’s trademark, his legacy will live on.