Arizona Zoning and Land Use Professionals

When a property owner or developer needs to rezone a property in Arizona or obtain other zoning entitlements, it is valuable to work with a local zoning and land use planning law firm to manage the case through the politically-charged entitlement process. This reduces the time and expense associated with the entitlement process and eliminates the confusion that frequently occurs with unfamiliar zoning ordinances and the particular process involved.

Earl & Curley has been representing business and development clients in Arizona zoning, land use and development since 1991. Our team of professional has extensive experience in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area and a broad spectrum of Arizona cities and counties. They know the local zoning codes and the local officials, and can streamline the rezoning process.

Representation in Rezoning Cases

Rezoning a parcel of land is frequently necessary to implement the desired use. In most instances, the new zoning entitlements will not only enable the proposed use but will also increase the value of the property. For example, a parcel located at the intersection of two arterial streets may be zoned single family residential, but would be much better suited for multifamily, commercial, industrial. We help our developer clients achieve these rezoning approvals.

In addition to rezoning, the property owner or developer may need to apply for a use permit or variance to construct the type of building desired. The firm can also process these requests.

Our team members can evaluate zoning entitlement plans. If obtaining a higher entitlement is necessary and feasible, they will prepare the arguments to defend the request and then meet with the city’s professional planning staff to secure their support. They will then review the request with appropriate elected officials. Once they have secured fundamental support for the concept, they work with the project team to assemble the application and support documentation. They contact interested residents, present the case to neighborhood planning committees, and talk directly to the neighbors affected by the rezoning request. Then, they present the rezoning or other land use entitlement request at the planning commission and city council (or board of supervisors) public hearings for final approval.

The professionals at Earl & Curley are familiar with zoning ordinances for cities throughout Arizona. They also know the municipal and county planning staffs, as well as elected officials . This familiarity means that our team members can be effective advocates for your project and can help you solve project challenges. Because our firm maintains strong relationships with city staff, we are able to shepherd rezoning and other entitlement requests through the zoning and development processes in a timely manner. To make an appointment, please call our team of legal and planning professionals at 602-265-0094 orcontact us online.

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Arizona Zoning and Land Use Professionals

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property Development and Land Use Planning

Founded in 1991, Earl & Curley has always focused its legal practice on land use, zoning and property development in Arizona. Over the years, we have become one of the premier land use firms in the Phoenix Valley.

Our legal and planning professionals have extensive experience in this field of law and planning, with our planners having valuable experience working in public sector planning positions prior to switching to the private side. Together we assist clients with the preparation and application of rezoning documents, use permits, variances, easements, abandonments, site plans, subdivision plats, development agreements, and other land use entitlements. In addition, we represent clients at meetings and hearings with city planners and zoning commissions, city councils and boards of supervisors, and neighborhood groups. The firm has built strong relationships with municipal and county staff and officials throughout Arizona, allowing us to move projects smoothly through the regulatory system.

A Full-Service Land Use Firm

We have extensive experience with a broad range of residential (single-family and multifamily), commercial, industrial, storage, office, retail, institutional projects, as well as master-planned communities. Additionally, we negotiate development agreements between cities, counties and developers, as well as assist with intergovernmental agreements as required.

We coordinate efforts on behalf of our clients with neighborhood groups, municipal and county planning and zoning staff, city councils, and other city and county boards and commissions. We also work in the governmental relations area and meet and advocate for projects with elected officials as needed to aid in obtaining project approvals. Our client list includes some of the most recognizable names in real estate development and financing.

Contact our Arizona zoning law offices at 602-265-0094 to schedule an appointment. You may also contact us online.

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Earl & Curley is proud to be one of the top land use firms in the Phoenix Valley. Our legal and planning professionals have extensive experience in land use, zoning and development matters for residential, commercial, storage, industrial, retail, and master-planned communities. We represent property owners, developers, investors and lenders in a complete range of Arizona land use needs, including rezoning, use permits, variances, easements, site plan review, development agreements and more.

Please call our office at 602-265-0094 or toll free 844.812.4406 to schedule an appointment with one of our legal and planning professionals. You may also complete the form on this page and we will contact you shortly.

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Zoning ordinances are notoriously complex; complicating the matter further is the fact that each city has its own set of zoning regulations, design review and building codes. Working with Earl & Curley eliminates this potential for confusion over differing and unique municipal and county codes and ordinances. We have experience with the zoning ordinances and development regulations for every major Arizona city.  Property owners, developers, investors and lenders need to minimize their risks and costs, especially in the current real estate and economic climate. We help clients through the entire rezoning, use permit and variance, design review, and site plan and building plan review processes.

Obtaining zoning entitlements is a large part of our practice. Whether we are seeking higher entitlements to improve property values or increase development opportunities and flexibility, or working on zoning entitlements, we can get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Many clients retain our firm to research and prepare written zoning analysis and verification for properties in which they are interested or to protect their investments. We can manage the entire development review process, including design review, site plan review and permitting. Our legal and planning professionals also have significant experience with processing subdivision plats through cities and counties in Arizona.

Earl & Curley also negotiates development agreements with Arizona cities and counties on behalf of their development clients. Some notable projects with development agreements previously negotiated by our attorneys include the Scottsdale Fashion Square, Camelback Colonnade, Biltmore Fashion Park, Arizona Mills, Scottsdale Fiesta Power Center, Del Webb’s Sun City Grand, the Tartesso, Douglas Ranch and Verde Santa Fe master planned communities.

The firm has participated in the entitlement processing for the development of some of the largest and most strategic properties in Arizona.

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Expert Testimony for Land Use Matters

Eminent Domain, Condemnation and Land Disputes

When the government condemns property for public use through eminent domain, a property owner is always concerned about receiving compensation for the actual value of the property taken, as well as severance damages to the part not taken. The government’s interest is to pay the minimum value for the land it needs. To protect the rights of the property owner, legal and planning professionals in the land use field can assist in establishing both the existing and reasonably achievable levels of zoning entitlement to more accurately determine the true value of the property.

Earl & Curley’s legal and planning professionals have the necessary expertise to serve as expert witnesses to provide expert testimony and analysis for condemnation cases, as well as land valuation for contractual matters. We are continually ranked as one of the top land use law firms in the Phoenix Valley. Our legal and planning professionals are able to determine the fair market value of property and identify potential for higher zoning entitlements.

Typical condemning agencies include cities and counties, railroads and light rails, airports, the department of transportation, utilities and water departments, and schools. Our team of professionals will perform a zoning analysis of the property to ascertain not only its approved existing zoning, but the reasonably achievable zoning for which the property is suited. We then serve as an expert witness on zoning for the property owner.

To discuss expert testimony for land use matters, please call 602-903-3077 or contact us online.